Experience of Mendocino community

This is my first blog! Friends and fans have been encouraging a frequent writing, so I’ll share a little something here and see how it goes!!

I just had the most amazing weekend in Mendocino! I’d never been there… I was speaking/singing/giving a concert at Center for Spiritual Living, held at this beautiful little chapel in the Hill House Hotel. I arrived, was greeted by a lovely welcoming group of folks, and then rested in my hotel room there to the sound of the Pacific ocean right outside my window…

The talk was on Love Is The Reason We are Here… and the music was congruent with that…I felt such an openness in my heart, such an effortless flowing from the deepest part of me, as I spoke and sang, and the audience was so with me, so open; tears were flowing, people were getting in touch with their hearts, their sadness, their longing, their deepest feelings.. and it just felt as if we all went to a place of such vulnerability…together, collectively.

I had a short break and then walked in to a full house for the concert program. Though I had only had 3 hours sleep, I felt such a surge of energy, of support, of the presence of light and inspiration within, and honestly was amazed at how it expressed in the piano and the singing…as if the force of the universe was playing me… and the response from everyone… the openness, the joy, the tears, the transmission that was shared, it just can only be described as amazing grace. Truly amazing to me.

I felt that here I was, with 50-60 people I’d never met, and we were sharing on the deepest, purest, truest level of the heart…
And the hugs, the things shared, the incredible beauty in the eyes I looked into after the concert, nothing makes me happier than bringing people happiness and healing in this way.

Today I am in awe…I am home and my heart is just filled with gratitude…I give thanks… thanks for the heart that opens… thanks for the tears that cleanse… thanks for the goodness that is so apparent in humanity…thanks that I can share gifts that bring comfort, joy and open hearts…thanks to be alive…thanks for this amazingly beautiful world…

blessings to you, whomever you are, reading this…

Kathy Zavada


About Kathy Zavada

Recording/Performing Artist Inspirational Speaker Retreat Presenter www.kathyzavada.com
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2 Responses to Experience of Mendocino community

  1. Diane Cassels - Dees says:

    Kathy, That is so breathtaking and loving thoughts, I enjoyed reading it so much.
    It made my day complete, I was having a little stressful day, but when I read this it brightened my evening. You have such inspirational words, love and kindness.
    I know it must came out in your words and songs.
    I am glad to have known you years ago and still have the chance to reconnect with you on FB, you were in my thoughts for years, you were always a great friend to all who knew you. I am glad to have found some of my friends of whom I missed dearly.
    I even got to see one a few months ago, that I haven’t seen in about 30 years and we had a great visit and enjoyed seeing each other. I also got a chance to chat with one dear friend a few months ago, enjoyed it dearly, I lost her about a month ago to cancer.
    God did give us the chance to reconnect once again. Yes love is the reason we
    are here……..
    Yes this is a great world we live in and it is great to have friends to share it with, I read on here, that no matter how far they live or how long you don’t see them,
    once a great friend always a great friend. Much love my dear friend!!!!!
    Your friend, Diane

  2. Steve says:

    Such beautiful words! Having been one of those folks in Mendocino to experience you, Kathy, I heartily concur that everyone who attended came away deeply moved by the love you are. You created safe space and invited us to feel it all with such grace. Thank you! We are already looking forward to your return.

    PS: Spent last evening back in that wonderful community, and was delighted to experience the “buzz” people still had from your visit. You made such a powerful, loving impression, and I am in such gratitude ….

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