Experience of Maui

There is a real reverence here for the setting sun… everyone stops what they are doing around 5:45 pm and goes out to the beach… people for the most part sit quietly and gaze at the sun as it lowers towards the ocean…the clouds provide a canvas for pinks, lavenders, periwinkles, fuchsias, brilliant oranges, and silvery rays shining through like a direct line to heaven. You can walk on the beach as you watch, lounge on the sand, or find a nice, smooth lava formation by the water to sit on. And it is always an awe-inspiring moment, when the sun seems to kiss the water, slowly dropping into the ocean, closing another beautiful day. Everyone then gently blows conch shells.. announcing the sun’s departure. It’s a beautiful sound… very sweet, soothing, ancient.

And then there is a love of flowers here… there are so very many varieties, every brilliant color, size, shape and smell. People here have vases of fresh flowers all over the house, as why not bring the beauty of nature indoors. I marvel at the magnificence of the creation of flowers. They have such a high vibration. They seem to exist to bring beauty and joy to the world. They make my heart rejoice.

And then there are the wonderful creatures of the ocean. The whales for one, they are everywhere. They jump clear out of the water making a giant splash, sometimes very close to shore. They will sometimes flap their tails, again, and again, and again. It is such a sight, such a display of power and energy! Snorkeling about, the tropical fish are as amazing as the flowers; so varied in color, shape, size and personality. There’s  the puffer fish, how unique, so round and cute! And the unicorn fish, they have this horn sticking out of their foreheads, and are such a beautiful blue/green/purple.

Everything here softens my being. Even challenging moments feel soft; as if they are happening inside a cloud and one cannot become too bothered as the tension would seem so out-of-place. I noticed on my flight on Hawaiian Airlines over to Honolulu today that even the recorded information before take-off has a woman with a very sweet and comforting voice speaking. People everywhere smile; the tourists are SO happy gratitude oozes from them. And the locals are kind and seem like they have been permanently affected by the softness.

How blessed I feel to be here. And to express who I am as I am so touched by all this beauty and gentleness. I love who I am here. I am in awe at the beauty that this reality emanates. May this gentle aloha spirit waft across the oceans and bring a soft peace to all beings everywhere.


About Kathy Zavada

Recording/Performing Artist Inspirational Speaker Retreat Presenter www.kathyzavada.com
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