What Can We Do?

What can we do? We can breathe and exhale the tension, fear and worry, to start with. We can calm the mind and emotions, and get in touch with our true nature as love and compassion. We can hold our planet, and especially the people of Japan, in an embrace of love and compassion, with a mental resolve that they will get the help they need. That they will feel a sense of peace and comfort even in this chaos, danger and destruction. We can vow to live a life of love in action in the best way we know how, from moment to moment. We can send money to Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, Salvation Army, and other organizations helping right now. We can comfort each other, share our feelings, and contemplate further ways to use our creative energy to help. We can lend our voice, signature, time and money to halt nuclear power development until it doesn’t produce waste that will kill us if it isn’t contained somewhere. Because with these earth changes, how can that ever be assured?

Have a good cry. Release the energies of fear, despair, helplessness, shock and hopelessness. Realize that you holding an energy of love, stillness, peace, openness to divine presence and guidance, a calmness in the storm, is a gift you can give. Align your life so you are doing everything possible to express the love, wisdom, creativity and peace of your true nature.

We must stretch beyond the mind’s limited conception, and tendency to judge it all as only terrible. Remember if for just a moment there is eternity; and that we are not only the body. Have great compassion, do all you can in action, and try not to paralyze your energy field with despair and worry. To act with great love and peace, one must remember a greater reality than just the physical.

You are connected to great wisdom, guidance, strength, courage, creativity, peace and that which all of this happens within. Return to the Source for help, in humble prayer, in meditation, in communion with spiritual friends and teachers, in all the most wise and spiritual sources. Cultivate and offer peace and clarity.

I send love out to you, I feel our connection, I am grateful for the love, compassion, peace, wisdom and healing presence you allow to be who you are.

With great love and prayers for healing,


About Kathy Zavada

Recording/Performing Artist Inspirational Speaker Retreat Presenter www.kathyzavada.com
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1 Response to What Can We Do?

  1. bill says:

    With fear-mongering all too present now, this post is perfect. Well grounded. Thanks

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