Many Paths Coming Together

I just had the most beautiful evening. I was part of a very beautiful Interfaith Program in Redding, CA at a beautiful Catholic Church. I walked in early, for the end of a Catholic service, and was touched by the feeling of sacredness there. Such stillness, such prayer pervaded the walls. I felt blessed to be there right away. Then I felt excitement when I saw the Native Americans, the Jewish Rabbi, the Ministers from the Methodist church, the Sikhs, the Muslim leader, the Buddhist from the Thich Nhat Hanh chapter, the Religious Science ministers, and the Interfaith choir all gather together for the upcoming evening program.

As the program began, with the native drumming and dancing, and then each spiritual path sharing their prayers and their rituals, I just was so very touched that we were all there together. How interesting to see a beautiful Native American Dance in full regalia with the Cross and the Altar in the background; and how contrasting as well to hear the Sikhs play the tabla and harmonium right after the choir sang a hymn. How lovely I find the ritual of the wine and bread becoming the body and blood of Christ in the beautiful Catholic rite.

Everyone so loved the prayers of their path; spoke them with devotion and conviction. And everyone also honored all the other paths expressed on this unusual night. And As I sang a closing song, Send Your Love, I just felt the One Heart of us all. I felt everyone melting into that heart; forgetting differences, remembering how alike we all are in our desire for peace, in our desire for love, in our wish for happiness.

Oh how I love humanity when it comes together, takes a leap, opens and shares from the heart, and finds that there is such greater strength and power in unity.
Have faith in Humanity. There is such good. And if I hadn’t been willing to go and give the gift of a song to this gathering, I would have not been so incredibly blessed with the beauty that overwhelmed my heart tonight. It is in giving that we receive. So much. I am so grateful. I send my love.


About Kathy Zavada

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