Just Love Them

My very dear friend just found out in the ER he has a brain tumor. He will have surgery tomorrow. He hopes to wake up. When I said good bye to him tonight, I realized I may not see him again. And I realize tonight at home that what life seems to demand every moment is a form of love. He just wanted to feel loved, deeply loved. That was by far the most nourishing thing I could give him.

Sometimes love is holding a hand. Sometimes it’s bringing someone food. Sometimes it’s telling someone it’s time to grow up. Sometimes it’s planting flowers. But there is a distinct feeling within the heart. There is a softness; an openness, a sweetness, even if it feels like it’s breaking.

My heart has been stretched so wide in these last few months. And I feel like love is living me. I feel like I have given myself to it, and it has taken me over. And there’s no room to say I can’t handle this. Or that. There is just a constant meeting the moment. A constant opening to how love will use me today.

So many changes are happening in the world. We are having to meet immense change, on a moment’s notice. This is when we put into practice the ability to breathe, to rest in an untouchable peace, to find the strength that comes from our source. We can be love in our actions, and we can at the same time rest in the unchanging depth of our being. It is such a beautiful and mysterious paradox.

Give your self to love. No wiser words could I offer.


About Kathy Zavada

Recording/Performing Artist Inspirational Speaker Retreat Presenter www.kathyzavada.com
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