Non-Dual Being~ a Journal Writing from July 29, 1991

There is an experience
beyond the many endless concepts,
classifications, beliefs, and even
imaginations of the mind
where there is freedom
that is perfect beyond any organization.
Where there is no preference
no distinctions are made
where nothing is identified
and there is nothing separate
or other than,
merged. Only One. All of all.
This is real.
All struggle and striving in Life
is longing for this experience.
This experience has no pain
it has nothing, no thing.
Therefore, the mind can never know it.
And words, worn out tools,
can never be it, nor give it.
Surrender yourself.
In painful revelation of falsity
in your life, be willing regardless
to surrender it all.
Willing to die
for you will when you surrender.
For death must be, for birth
A birth of your Self
true You
that is I
a return to no time, no limit
no end, no beginning


About Kathy Zavada

Recording/Performing Artist Inspirational Speaker Retreat Presenter
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