Sedona Inspiration

It has been a very inspiring week. I spent 8 days in Sedona, sharing music, speaking, connecting with old friends and new ones, and taking walks deep into the red rock desert. The moments in the desert by myself were perhaps the most profound.

I would go to some spectacular vista, find the perfect rock to sit on, the perfect place to “receive”, and then sit my body down. First I would take in the magnificence with such awe and overwhelming gratitude. Then I would close my eyes and open my being. Then I would feel a flood of presence. I would call as I do to The Mother within (and in all things), and would just feel this answer as a flood of light and silence deep within.

Tears would follow. Tears of just being so grateful to be alive. Grateful to feel this immense love and peace. Grateful to love life so deeply. And just feel so very moved by the power and beauty of Mother Earth.

So much beauty abounds here. The desert flowers are blooming, lots of yellow and lavenders and pinks. Saw an amazingly beautiful little snake, tan and brown, with a mesmerizing pattern. The red rock formations are each just so stunning, and each one is uniquely shaped, majestic, and other-worldly. The sky seems about 4 times as big as it does to me just about anywhere else. Maybe that’s because I live deep in the woods of Mt. Shasta.

Yet Sedona reminds me of Mt. Shasta. There is a very palpable stillness that comes so easily when one just quiets down and opens up. There is something about this magical place that calls to my heart and soul.

I feel I may spend considerably more time here. We’ll see how that unfolds. For now, I have loved connecting with all the lovely souls I have shared with over this past week. And I take a feeling of fulfillment with me from all I have received. How blessed are the moments we are blown away by life on this beautiful planet.

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2 Responses to Sedona Inspiration

  1. marieke says:

    Thank You Kathy voor Your inspiring Loving Words and Songs.
    Last week ,thanks to You, I went with my husband and youngest child to Mother Amma and it was so beautiful I can not tell in words. I was crying tears and a lot of tension went out of my body. I feel a lot more strength in my body now. Mount Shasta and all the experiences transformed a lot for me and my family. And meeting You as a healing voice in the love of God extremely overwhelmed us with inner peace. Unfortunately I can not coming to Hawaii, but maybe You come some day to Holland?
    with love

    • Kathy Zavada says:

      Dear Marieke,
      I am so happy to hear you and your sweet family had darshan with Amma! And I am so happy I could be a reflection of love and a support for transformation.
      I would love to come to Holland some day. And I hope perhaps you can make it back to Mt. Shasta next summer. I will have another retreat July 26th through 29th, 2012
      at Stewart Mineral Springs.
      Until then, may love surround you and may you continue to transform and live your most beautiful life, each moment, each day!
      with great love,

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