True Meeting

I had a really powerful experience last Sunday sharing music and love at the Center for Spiritual Living in Napa. I had just sung for a Memorial service the day before for my dear friend Joyce McLellan. I was reflecting how precious and short life is. And I had this moment where I realized my life’s closing chapter is a mystery. It could be sooner than I know. And as I was singing, looking into the eyes and hearts of all those present, I was feeling such a longing to connect in the deepest way, purely heart to heart. I poured this desire into the notes I sang and played, and felt the audience respond in kind. I left that concert and that meeting of souls feeling deeply touched. It is a mystery and yet so fulfilling, those moments where we really meet and see deep into each other. I drove home so grateful, and with the feeling that even if I left soon, I feel fulfilled in life. It is love, the meeting of two hearts, that makes it all meaningful and worth while.
“Love is the reason I am here.”

About Kathy Zavada

Recording/Performing Artist Inspirational Speaker Retreat Presenter
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2 Responses to True Meeting

  1. svruddell says:

    How beautiful Kathy. I so appreciate your gift to so many and grateful to be in your heart circle. Sending you love and blessings from the Island of Kauai.

  2. Angela Gibson says:

    It was the love that you convey to your audience, that helped me to start healing my soul the first time I saw, or heard, you in Mt Shasta. I attended a small women’s retreat, in which you performed one evening, and I remember hearing your voice “pray for my healing” so to speak. I started to open up through tears of pain and joy. I pray with you and your songs nearly every day of my life since. Thank you for sharing your gift of love for us. Sincerely, Angela, Stockton, CA.

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