Ode to my beloved Mt. Shasta….

I’ll never forget the first time I saw Mt. Shasta. My friend Jeffrey brought me up to visit Mt. Shasta when I was living in Lake Tahoe. I was so deeply affected by this mountain. By the incredible beauty of the beautiful lakes and forests here. By the deep peace and stillness so palpable in nature. By the absence of psychic noise.

There was a holiness to this place; and I knew I had to live here. It took a number of years, but in 1991 I moved to this sacred mountain. And for twenty-two years I have been so blessed to live in this amazing place on the planet. I have been so deeply nourished by all that exists in nature here. I have walked so many days at Siskiyou lake, getting in touch with my Self once again. I have swam innumerable times across the higher alpine lakes here, some of the most beautiful places on the planet. I have loved and served this community in different ways over the years.

I take all the gifts I have received here with me. All the blessings live in my heart as an enduring love, strength and stillness. All the moments of love shared here are etched in my soul for eternity. There is a sadness in this departure, but I am not going very far away. I will come back often, will go on my favorite walks and hikes, and will visit my dear loved ones here.

Thank you beloved mountain, for all the gifts you’ve given me. Thank you my dear friends who have touched my heart here. Thank you for the loved ones who live always in my heart. Thank you for the peace and beauty, regality and wonder you have endlessly reflected. I am a better person for being so deeply blessed by this holy place.


About Kathy Zavada

Recording/Performing Artist Inspirational Speaker Retreat Presenter www.kathyzavada.com
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