the soft bliss of love..

I am feeling melted in the soft bliss of love in this moment… I am in my quiet home space, after giving a concert to a beautiful private retreat group. I feel so stretched by love, again, and again, and again, and again. And it is all I want. To see how far this stretch can go. I know it has no limit. I feel so humbled by life.. life that is love itself.

The moments we give ourselves to something greater, something wider, and then are gone in that, add up, until we are just gone in That, and That lives our life. And then there is such awe, such humble amazement at the power of love.

I understand why Amma always wants to be hugging someone.. always wants someone in her arms until her last breath. Because as we are serving, as we are desiring to offer something greater than ourselves, it blesses us most of all. She Loves, all the time. And so love is always, always, coursing through her like a river.

We can make what ‘we do’ a way to give love. Whether it’s cleaning houses, or selling someone groceries, we can do it with love. And then love flows through us and fills us and blesses us.

If we knew how blessed we can be by giving, people would be knocking themselves out to give more. Let us come to that. Let love be what we worship most, what we give most, what fills our thoughts, our feelings, our bodies, our relationships, our lives.


About Kathy Zavada

Recording/Performing Artist Inspirational Speaker Retreat Presenter
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3 Responses to the soft bliss of love..

  1. svruddell says:

    Oh Kathy, this is so beautiful and inspiring. Yes! Love is all I want …to know, feel, be. I feel love so strongly from your writing. What a blessing! Thank you!!! Steven

  2. Kathy Zavada says:

    Dearest Steven, thank you for feeling my heart this evening. I love the capacity of your beautiful heart. And may this love flow into every cell of your precious body temple and heal, heal, heal, in the miraculous way that love heals. Holding you with an infinite heart of compassion..

  3. Angela Gibson says:

    Thank you for you loving and kind words of inspiration. You’ve always been on of mine…

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